First you must create a Telegram group. In this group you have to add the user rially_ia_bot. Then use /login [token] (replacing [token] with the token you got from the committee) to login.

Make a submission by sending a picture/video with the task/picture code as a caption. Use e.g. L-1 for location 1, PL-1-1 for bonus picture 1, location 1, TL1-1 for task 1, location 1 or T-1 for task 1


There are two different types of tasks: Regular tasks and Location tasks. Regular tasks are available to everyone from the beginning of the event in the envelopes and on the website. Location tasks can be unlocked by unlocking locations via the website. The goal of a task is to fabricate a picture or video of your team executing the task in the most creative way. Creativeness will earn you the most points, but more importantly: have fun doing it!

Bonus Pictures

To earn the points for the bonus pictures, you need to find out where the picture was taken and get to this point. When you have found it, take the same picture, but with one or more team members in it, and send it on the Telegram group. The committee will then allocate you the points.